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“What colour is my aura?”

blue and purple aura with chakrasYou may ask ” How can I find out my aura colours? ” without having a reading. With a few clues it is likely you can work out what colour your aura is without even seeing it. Usually people wear a lot of the colour of their aura. This is not always true but is a good guideline.

Look at the colour guide under aura reading and see which description fits you best and then see if you wear that colour often. You may be on cusp of two colours or you may even be a colour range. In some cases you may be caging your natural colour in with a mask of a different colour (this most often happens with oranges).

It is very rare for a person not to feel comfortable wearing the colour of their own aura but it does occasionally happen, hence the phrase “not comfortable in their own skin”.

The best way is obviously to contact us and have your aura read and know for sure. Seeing your own aura on screen will give you invaluable insights on why your life is “stuck “ in places. Once we identify problems the answers are only a step away…..

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