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What is an aura?

“I know you are very busy but I wanted to email you about the effect the aura reading had on me” J.S.

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This energy surrounds any living organism like plants, minerals, etc… In humans, it provides a protective zone that extends from the body. The shape and colours of the aura contain information about a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being.

Imagine a cloud of colour starting inside your body and fluffing outwards in every direction. As it gets further away from the body it’s substance is more and more tenuous.

That cloud of colour varies in how far it extends from the body and how thick it is depending on the type of person you are. The specific colour which you are determines your destiny in a broad sense.

For example if you are a red you are a builder, maybe of houses or maybe of government. If you are an orange you are here to question the status quo to find new freedoms to share with others, to think outside the box, such as an artist or designer.

If you are a purple you are here to share a vision of possible futures and to help encourage others to fulfil their aspirations. And so on (see more colours here).

These of course are over generalisations but a person will always be more healthy and satisfied if they are fulfilling their talent and potential. Good health depends on the energy centres working in balance with each other and allowing the natural energy of our body to fulfill it’s destiny.