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What can I do?

” The only thing required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” -Thomas Paine

As a life coach, if I had to sum up in one phrase what causes the biggest problems in people’s lives, I would say it is “fear and inaction”. The two are inextricably linked. One causes the other in almost every case. I really believe it is even the cause of troubles world wide. The holocaust being the most fitting example.

When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion.     -C.P. Snow

The masses were convinced the Jews were taking over everything, money, jobs, etc. Fear caused them to believe what was told them and inaction let others take it too far. (the understatement of the century) The infamous Milgram experiment shows that we are all too willing to blindly follow “authority” even if it means hurting another human being. This experiment was not a fluke it was re-created countless times all over the world with similar results. FRIGHTENING

Everyday there is some injustice that fear stops us from re-acting to, whether it is the criminal on public transport who depends on the fact that you will be too afraid to help someone else, or the colleague who has been unfairly treated by the boss but no-one speaks up for fear of putting themselves in the line of fire. We are barely able to stick up for ourselves let alone someone else.

You can apply this scenario to most everything amiss in present day from the banal to the exceptional. Over 11 years ago when I lived in America, cash AND cheque deposits were credited almost immediately when presented (if a cheque was from another bank it was the next day). This has only just started happening here 11 YEARS later (Barclays earlier, why them? Because their average client travels more). WHY? Because the British are famous for not complaining. The banks have been using our money all this time in that lost zone before funds become available (like they haven’t been making enough money already).

“The clearing system benefits banks as they make millions using the money represented by the cheques being cleared…the British Cheque Cashers Association (BCCA) certainly does not anticipate any impending changes.” Independent on Sunday Friday, 29 June 2001

The service here with utility companies is deplorable for the same reason and restaurants are only just now upping their game (this is because so many more people are traveling and are seeing the different levels of service). Am I saying America is better? Certainly not, for I have seen too much evidence that Americans are more willing than most to believe whatever rubbish is told them and do/say nothing about it. (see Bush Years – torture, Guantanamo, Koran burning nutters) When they do rise up and speak out it is from fear which has been purposely stoked in them like the most voracious fire (see ground zero mosque standoff) It is how precious rights are taken away (see Patriot Act for America to Control orders and DNA database UK).

So what is the point of my (not so little) rant? And how can it apply to your life now and in a meaningful way? ACT!!!! Do it now! If you have been wanting to quit your job but are afraid of what else you can do? If you know that a relationship you are in is going nowhere but think it may be the best you can get? If you want to do something different but are unsure of what path to take? If you have always wanted to paint, write, sing, play music, or ____ but are afraid of judgement or failure? Start a plan today, now, immediately!!! I am not saying march in and tell your boss to “S*!>* it” That would be rash and stupid without a plan in place. But start thinking about what is important to you and act in accordance with your ideals and passions. Don’t let life suck it out of you, suck it out of life!

This is why I am a life coach because when I gave readings to people, they always said “wow, I can’t believe how accurate, you’ve nailed me” but they would come back to me months later and nothing would have changed. (I told clients to wait ideally 4-6 months before a second reading) They would be in the same position and just as unhappy. I became a life coach to learn how to inspire change and find it far more satisfying. I have also seen the principles work in my own life (still much learning to go on my part).

Fear is our enemy and the only way to tame it is to face it, question it. It is a monster that when ignored grows. Look at your life and see what you are most frightened of and do something about it. Trust me you will rue the day if you don’t. I am sure very few lie on their death bed and say “I wished I had taken less risks, I wished I hadn’t followed my dreams” Don’t have any regrets and above all try…

Franklin D. Roosevelt
It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.

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