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Definition coaching

How can I define life or small business coaching?

a trainer or instructor

a tutor who prepares …

That is the dictionary’s definition but to me it is so much more. I want to encourage people toward changes that made the difference between living the life they want rather than living the life they were given.

Life is a series of choices but sometimes people, because of their upbringing, can’t even see that there are other options. The funny thing is I don’t think people really know or believe that they can change.

I think they have made New Year resolutions and seen how they fade to nothing. They don’t understand the hidden energies inside them. The blocks that stop them from making a difference.

That is my job. I show them what can be done and empower them. Then they are always shocked how quickly things change.

I hear so many times things like, ‘I would have never believed this time last year I would now have…’ you fill in the blank.

Life coaching can help with any problem. My clients are changing careers, buying homes, starting businesses, losing weight, and finding real loving relationships.

They see they have the power to change and once they get a taste of it, they go wild with it.

I am not saying all changes come easy. At first it can be really difficult but then there is a huge snowball effect and it gets easier and easier.

The important thing is that there is someone there on your side the whole time, someone who is not emotionally invested in your life and has no agenda but making your dreams come true.

People who come to me need to be ready for change.

I mince no words. I tell them the truth as no one else in their life can. But I also show them a different way and believe in them and that by itself is really powerful.

“Reflecting on everything you said – most pieces are falling into place now- it has helped me understand so much!” C.S.

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