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“thank you for helping me face my fears and after one year my life has changed completely!” S.F.

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Our goal at Joyasha is to empower each individual to attain their highest goal and experience true health & success.


1. a feeling of great pleasure and happiness
2. success or satisfaction


Derived from Sanskrit आशा (asha) meaning “wish, desire, hope”.

We believe true success can only be achieved when you are doing something well suited to your talents and passions, when you are living true to your values, and you are giving value to others.

We believe that good health comes from balanced living and emotional healing. We want to help inspire people and businesses toward lasting and beneficial change with our coaching.

We specialise in helping people through Aura Readings and Life / Business Coaching to attain their goals and find balance. The main bulk of our clients seem to be small creative business owners but we have helped clients of all types.