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Couples or families

“…thanks for coming over…I found it extremely useful. I know ____took a lot from the session too, so many thanks again.” N.B.

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Costs below are generally for couples and families of three. Larger families may need more time and it is best to contact us to discuss options.

£75 for initial session (2 to 2½ hours) in East London. To travel to clients add £20 per hour of travel time by public transport.

Thereafter sessions are £45 hour

These sessions are used primarily to help to understand each other better. The client is the “relationship or family” as a whole. As an objective outsider looking at the individuals’ energy fields, it is easier to understand the dynamics of relationships and offer simple suggestions to help break out of dangerous stalemates or stagnations.

The difference between this and traditional counselling is that you should have after only one session a better understanding of the other’s perspective and have some simple guidelines to help jumpstart better relations.

Even after an event (such as divorce, death, or separation) has already occurred, it can help make family transitions less painful. It is especially helpful if children (ages 7 or 8 upwards) are involved to understand their particular needs as each energy calls for different types of support.

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