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Can texting ruin my life?

Texting has it’s place I am sure but, as a life coach, I have seen it make more trouble than give benefit. So much time and energy is put into figuring out a text when a 1 or 2 minute phone call can help you re-connect and give most information clearly. I have seen people send 7 or 8 messages to clarify something which could be easily said.

Texting has gotten more popular year on year until last year it was about 10 billion for just the UK. Some teenagers can send hundreds in a day. Maybe you come close to that, maybe not. The point I am trying to make is that texts are limiting in many ways

It is difficult to put a tone in a text, especially when using abbreviations for words themselves. I have spent too much time helping clients sort out a situation caused by someone misinterpreting a text or email.

More illnesses than just carpal tunnel now are caused by texting, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, tingling into the upper extremity, all are conditions that are becoming more and more prevelant with the young, much more frequently because of hand held devices.

I believe some people who have started texting young even have lost the ability to write with any real clarity. Spelling certainly has suffered

So much is assumed in a text, so people often “fill -in” an intention. A girl may think a guy really fancies her when he is just trying to be polite. Or maybe someone is being sarcastic and you take them literally. (see more text miscommunications examples here)

Texting can be preferred because it is distanced emotionally. It may feel safer to say something in a text or be intentionally ambiguous. This feeling has led way to the famous break up text to which even celebrities have succumbed.

I am not proposing giving up texting completely but look over your sent messages and think about how you can better connect to people around you. It may even save money as well as a relationship.

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