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“How do I change my life?”

If you really want to change your life the answer is really simple. Just STOP doing the same old thing!

Albert Einstein famously said,” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Many of us operate on automatic pilot most of the time. Just think about your journey into work? Chance are many couldn’t remember the details unless something unusual happened. It would probably take us quite a bit of concentration to recall it. Or work itself? You may find yourself drifting away many times of day when you are completing some mundane task. At Breakfast? Did you have the same as everyday? Or did you blindly stumble into the same old coffee shop and order the same old thing? When you got home did you find yourself with the remote control and an hour later realised you hadn’t really watched anything just clicked through about a hundred channels?

You get the picture.

If you are bored and feel stagnated. Just start now. Be present at every moment and ask yourself how every decision you make  (or even don’t make) has an enormous impact on your life and your health.

Our life is full of opportunities. Doors, which are waiting to be opened (and others which need closing) and yet we often pass by these doors of opportunity with our eyes closed.

As I life coach one of the biggest worries I see with people is they are out of the habit of thinking things past the next five minutes.

I read somewhere once that you should ask yourself the same question at every tiny decision “ Is this good for me for the next 5 minutes, 5 weeks, or 5 years?”

You may say to me “ that would take up all my time I would never get through the day!”

I suggest to you the opposite. If you started this habit today in a week you would find you would have twice as much time.

You may for an instance, decide that instead of reading that crime thriller (which gives you temporary pleasure while travelling on the train) you are going to take some work and finish it while going into work which leaves you more time at some future weekend event to enjoy yourself with your family. (Same goes for Internet browsing at work and later wishing you had given more time to a project)

You may decide that the five minutes of pleasure of a chocolate bar a day means 5 weeks later not having to quickly lose weight for your holiday.

Or you may give great thought before entering into a relationship which had very little prospect, or a job which gives you no pleasure, so that 5 years later you are glad you didn’t waste your time.

The best way to have no regrets is to pause at every moment and give thought to what you are about to do…

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