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Don’t give up! It is darkest before the dawn.

If you are on a diet and have had chocolate cake for lunch, don’t be discouraged. Many successful people have had false starts (see here for just one list).

I have had many hard knocks in life and have come to suspect that the hardest knocks come just before the biggest opportunities.

I sometimes feel that things going wrong is a sure sign you are on the right track.

When I was a child, I remember a pastor talking about ‘How to know you are on the right path?’ in his sermon.

He said ‘As long as you are just drifting along, things seem to go smoothly. That is because “Satan” doesn’t need to worry about you, he already knows you are lost. But when you are on track and going the right way, he gets a bit nervous and starts trying everything to make you confused and loose your way.’

I am not suggesting “satan” is after you, but so many times as a life coach I have seen clients lament, ‘I am trying so hard and have made so many changes and things are just getting worse’ and I tell them just to wait a bit, stay on track and things will get better soon. Inevitably the treat is just around the corner and they are so happy they held on. Maybe the universe is just making sure they were serious.

Then after, they have the confidence that wonderful things can happen to them, it is like a dam that bursts and more wonderful opportunities flow towards them. It snowballs and soon they are saying ‘I would have never believed you, if last year you would have said I would..own my own home…be in a new loving relationship…have my own business…you fill in the blank.

I have seen it happen too many times so GET STARTED & DON’T GIVE UP!!!!

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