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“How did I end up here?”

We all lose sight, now and then, of what the final goal is and we have to work hard to get back on track.

But the real question should be, “Did I have a goal or destination in mind in the first place?” Many studies have shown that one of the traits that most successful people share are GOALS.

They think about them. They write them down. They put up pictures of them. They regularly check that they are on track to accomplishing them.

You may think you have goals but how much time have you given to really thinking about where you want to be in future and how you are going to get there?

“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’.”  Martin Luther

Imagine your future ( 10 years on ). What kind of person are you, where so you live, what kind of work do you do? etc. Please imagine as many details as possible. Then write down all those ideas which will make you happy and fulfilled in that future.

After that list all the assets you have that will help you achieve the dream. Not just physical or material assets but personality traits or talents. Next list the assets you still lack.

Now you know what you need. So make sure all your actions from now on bring you closer to meeting those needs. If you worry that you can’t sustain that kind of focus, share your dreams with friends and family so they can help to encourage you. Or try life coaching so that you always have someone on your team whose sole job is to keep you on track.

“I am pleased that i have started to take action around these problem areas in my life and i thank you for your guidance on this.” J.W.
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