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How can I get more out of life?

It’s pretty simple really but how many of us can do these six things…

Be thankful –

Acknowledgement of what you like or love brings more of the same. If someone has been praised for something, it is a FACT that they will try to repeat the action. A perfect example is a recipe, if it works we will always cook it again. Take time today to focus on the positive and thank others (or the universe) for it.

Clear out the stuff that is NOT working –

If you have a job that is making you very unhappy or a relationship that is truly hopeless. Don’t keep it because ‘it’s better than nothing’. Make room in your life for something better. It will come.

Believe that it is possible-

As a life coach I can’t believe how many of my clients don’t believe they can have what they want when we first meet. Trust me, if you first believe it is possible then you can find a way.

Have a goal –

If you are not sure what you want, it is not surprising you haven’t got it. Have a little think. The best way to figure out what you want for the next 6 months is to work out where you would like to be in 10 years and work backwards.

Have a plan –

It is all good and well to want something more but if you don’t have a plan it can just slip away. How many things have you ‘just wanted to do for ages but just haven’t gotten around to”?

Follow through –

How many half-started projects are there in your life? Finish it, even if partway in you wonder ‘what is the point?’.  You can never win the race if you never cross the finish line.

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