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Chakra centres

blue and purple aura with chakras

Crown Chakra

This chakra assists in our connection to the universe. Being more aware of our inter-connectedness to all things helps us to manifest our desires.

Colours include white, gold-yellow, & purple

Third-eye Chakra

This chakra aids in accessing your psychic- intuitive sense & self-awareness. Helps to tap into the spiritual,  imaginative & inspirational you.

Colours are indigo to purple

Throat Chakra

This chakra encourages self-expression through creativity, confident communication of emotions & finding your voice to show others who you truly are.

Colours are blue to blue-green

Heart Chakra

This chakra encourages healthy relationships with partners, friends & family, balance in living, openness & intimacy.

Colours are usually but not exclusively green & pink

Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra assists positivity, changes, upliftment, & intellectual stimulation. Helps us to be more aware of need for change or get out of a rut.

Colour is yellow

Navel Chakra

This chakra encourages fun in living. Access to all things creative & sexual in your life force, the artistic-self, expression of joy & power.

Colour is orange, sometimes red-golden brown

Base Chakra

This chakra stimulates your confidence & personal energy. Helps to find your true self and your true path. Lays a strong foundation for building the future.

Colours can be red, brown, black or silver

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