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Our guarantee

“ Thank you so much I have taken everything you told me and made a plan of action !  I feel so in control!”  M.

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If we accept you as a client (and you follow our advice) we guarantee you an increased profit to cover any cost incurred by paying us.

First we offer you a FREE 45 minute phone assessment to make sure we can help you. A contract is signed only at the end of your first face-to-face session so you are satisfied that we can help you as well.

These are the terms. (There may be negotiation to these terms but only with written amendment to signed contract.)

Your business must be in the immediate London area. (Please contact us for exact parameters)

The period this covers is for 6 calendar months from start date of contract.

Contract offers your business the following:

  • UNLIMITED support via e-mail or telephone consultations. (telephone consultations strictly by appointment ONLY)
  • Two workshop or training days per calendar month lasting 4 hours each (8 hours per calendar month)
  • One mystery shopper visit per calendar month with written report. (If applicable). All costs incurred while mystery shop takes place will be reimbursed by client.
  • Weekly summary e-mails with tick list of goals for that week. Written reviews by e-mail of goal progress.

Cost £250 per calendar month totaling £1,500 for the 6 months. This is payable by standing order monthly (other payment arrangements may be discussed in advance only with written terms amended to signed contract)

To avoid confusion on how increased profits are measured, a strict criterion will be decided by both parties and included in contract.