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Individual reading

“I was very impressed with what you had to tell me about my aura” Jan, Freelance Journalist

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£68 for initial session (2 hours) in East London.

To travel to client add £20 per hour of travel time (charged only one way within London) by public transport.

The next coaching session is £45 (1.5 hours) which consists of establishing goals, thereafter Life Coaching sessions are £45 hour.

Evening (after 5pm) and weekend appointments are £15 extra

What can you expect?

Firstly, the hand is placed on the bio sensor while the individual closes their eyes and sits quietly. The energy field is observed to see how it performs without expectation. This only takes from 1 to 2 minutes.

Then the image with the chakra centres showing is saved and the client takes the hand off the sensor and opens their eyes.

The next part involves the explanation of the aura, showing how the information is gathered and what an ideal aura and chakra would look like. Then follows a commentary on the shape, colour, and health of the individual’s energy centres. This usually takes from 30 to 45 minutes.

During this time it is best the client does not talk as much as possible as to not give away anything about themselves. This assures the reading is accurate.

When this first part is completed, the client is then encouraged to comment and ask questions. All questions are answered. The more openness and honesty during this section the more helpful the third part of the reading.

The last part of the reading, if desired, is a mini action plan of simple recommendations to help in re-direction and better over all energy balance.