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How does it work?

The machine that is used is not Kirlian photography. Kirlian photography can only show energy emanations from the body, which appear as peaks or shadows like you might see on an EEG.

Kirlian also can only take images which are squeezed onto direct contact with a special plate, which is why you often see examples of leaves or hands. Kirlian cannot show an image of the face or complete body.

This machine is an aura imaging system, which works similarly. The subject puts their hand on the sensor, which measures the electrical waves from around the hand, the computer takes the measurement of the wave and shows what the colour of that wave would look like (each colour having a specific wave measurement).

We believe each area on the hand corresponds to an area of the body in the same way that reflexology or acupressure does.

That is how we tell the relative health of the various chakra energy centres. The computer can overlay the colours onto a picture or image of the client.

It also shows a more detailed outline of the whole body with the energy centres and the measurements of each centre and the size of the aura in general in clear concise graphs.