Life & Business Coaching- London, UK if you are ready for change…

What is coaching?

“Reflecting on everything you said – most pieces are falling into place now- it has helped me understand so much!” C.S.

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What life coaching with me is about.

First, there are many ways in which I am not a traditional life coach.

My personal priority as a life coach is to fulfill your energy potential, while making you a more balanced and happy individual.

I encourage clients to find their true path rather than just be successful. This includes possibly working towards a new career, fulfilling some lifelong dream, or maybe just discovering what your dream is. It may be leaving old relationships behind or forming a new social circle. It may be none of these but maybe addressing some past hurt that hasn’t had proper closure.

I use an aura reading to understand you better and what your needs are. Most importantly, I then ask you to fill out a form which tells me more about what you feel you want and need, what you love most about life and what you dislike about it, etc.

Subsequently, we have a chat together about priorities and goals to map out a plan of action.  I meet with you (or chat on the phone in some cases) regularly. You decide how often. After each session you will be e-mailed tasks to accomplish. These are small steps to help you meet your goals.

My job is to help you achieve your goals as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Life coaching continues only as long as you feel necessary.

I am relentless. I will always be honest with you and I will never stop pushing you. I feel we have to push boundaries. If what you have been doing hasn’t been working so far, then we have to CHANGE IT!  I am also your confidant. What you tell me is private and I can support you and be on your side every single time. The real advantage is that I am not part of your life and do not have an agenda with you and can be objective.

Your responsibility in life coaching is to be ready to change, to keep stepping forward, or to talk to me if you feel it is becoming too much. And obviously do your best to accomplish tasks on time.