Life & Business Coaching- London, UK if you are ready for change…

How It Works

“We were incredibly pleased. Thank you so much for working so hard and for making the day so interesting!”
Charlotte Mecklenburgh
PR NIVEA & Atrixo

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Small Business Coaching…

If we accept you as a client (and you follow our advice) we guarantee you an increased profit to cover any cost incurred by paying us. That is a Written Money Back Guarantee! Click here to see our contract terms and guarantee.

If you are not ready to commit to a contract we offer sessions with no obligation.


First phone assessment 45 minutes FREE

£75 for initial session ( 2.5 hours) in East London., to travel to client add £20 per hour of travel time (charged only one way) by public transport.

Next session is £60 (1½ to 2 hours), thereafter Business Coaching sessions are £60 hour

What business coaching with me is about?

First there are many ways in which I am not a traditional business coach.

My first priority as a business coach is to fulfill your potential while making you a more balanced and happy individual.

My second is to make sure your business can be what I call a Win-Win situation. This means you have a good and fair service / product that your clients and suppliers are satisfied with while making a good and fair profit for you and your employees to benefit from.

I am relentless. I will always be honest with you and I will never stop pushing you. I feel we have to push boundaries. If what you have been doing hasn’t been working so far, then we have to CHANGE IT!  I am also your confidant. What you tell me is private and I can support you and be on your side every single time. The real advantage is that I am not part of your business and do not have an agenda with you and can be objective.

Your responsibility in business coaching is to be ready to change. To keep stepping forward. Or to talk to me if you feel it is becoming too much. And obviously do your best to accomplish tasks on time.

If you are ready for change and tired of being exhausted with not enough to show for it, this is how it works.

Contact us

You will be sent a ‘getting to know you and your business’ form. This is just a general overview so precious time is not wasted on the basics.

After our Free 45 minute phone assessment, we send someone to do a mystery shop or phone enquiry to observe your business practice (if applicable).

Then we have our first face-to-face session in which we establish your 6 month goals for the business, go over mystery shop, and formulate an action plan.

To follow-up, an e-mail will be sent with a tick list of goals for that week. At the end of each week a telephone appointment or meeting will be set up to review progress on goals.