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Auras colour guide

Deep Red – practical minded, must see to believe, hard worker, active, loyal, strong willpower, can sometimes be selfish, hard headed and confrontational

Red – active, competitive, independent, achiever, well- grounded, methodical, passionate, can sometimes be too single-minded and may not see outside of the box

Orange – enjoys planning, projects and being productive, creative and physically expressive, loves travel, adventurous, may sometimes be pushy and may have difficulties seeing different sides to an issue

Yellow Brown – likes predictability, detail, and logic, perfectionist, prefers structure and likes to be in the know, may sometimes be controlling and may need to let loose a little

Yellow – outgoing, bright and sunny disposition, artistic, optimistic, likes freedom and change, may feel distanced from others and have difficulty in facing realities

Green – likes stability, teacher or counsellor, likes sharing experiences, very social, into animals and nature, may talk quite a lot and give unsolicited advice

Deep Green – leadership abilities, quick-witted, makes things happen, strong personality, communicative, may have too high expectations of self and others, sometimes a workaholic

Blue – carer, likes people, supportive, sought after for advice or as a listening post, conservative, may have difficulties setting boundaries and are used by others, often has poor circulation

Indigo – deep feelings, intuitive, imaginative, strong opinions and independent thinking, idealistic, may feel very needy at times and be judgemental, may have difficulty staying on track

Lavender /purple- dreamer, sensitive, needs calm and stable environment, can appear spacey and not very connected, may be unrealistic and have mood swings

White – naturally in tune to higher dimensions, healer, spiritually inclined, may take on outside problems too easily, needs plenty of down time to recuperate, may be over – sensitive and introverted

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